Great Hope for the Next Generation!
Next Generation Service Manager Training Program Comes to an End

October 31, 2017|YMC

A 5-month program to train service managers of the next generation came to an end. Future service managers from Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, China, and Taiwan, with a French participant were attending the sessions. The program included lectures by Service Section and other relevant sections.

The training received positive feedback from program participants:
“I was able to gain a deeper knowledge of my job. I now have a better understanding of the overall operation and I think that my overall professional level is higher now than it was before”;
“I would like to apply the experiences and things I learned during my training to my job back home, and I want to engage in helping to raise the overall level of aftersales”.

Trainees also gained a deeper understanding of Japanese culture through their stay in Japan. The participants will now go back to their home country and work to provide better service from the next generation of service managers.

We would like to extend our deepest thanks to all those who supported the program.

Satoshi Kikuta, After Sales Section (YMC)