Collaboration Event with a Popular Street Sport “3on3” Hosted in Taiwan

September 3-10, 2017|YMT

“3on3” basketball is a street sport popular in Taiwan. The “DV33” Cup is the championship, drawing much attention from young people.

This year, YMT (Yamaha Motor Taiwan) was the main sponsor of the “DV33” Championship finals held September 3rd through 10th in Taipei. The event was a collaboration between the 3on3 league and Yamaha BW’S. BW’S bike owners were invited to the finals.

A special “BW’S” team joined the competition and we cheered for our favorite players. There were also special attractions during the event, such as a slam dunk contest where players jumped over a BW’S bike en route to making a spectacular dunk. Excitement filled the venue, and players and audience alike cheered enthusiastically for the fantastic games and attractions. The 8-day event was filled with fun and excitement and the fans enjoyed it very much; it was also a great opportunity to have “BW'S” widely known.

Sun Weikuei, Yamaha Motor Taiwan (YMT)