35 Police Bikes Delivered to Vietnamese Police Force

September 11, 2017|YMC

The Overseas Market Development Operation Business Unit, or OMDO, delivered 35 “FJR1300P-A” bikes to the Vietnamese police force in cooperation with Yamaha Motor Vietnam (YMVN).

A convoy of Yamaha police bikes and their dynamic beauty stole the attention of passersby as they left the hand-over ceremony venue and drove out onto the streets of Hanoi.

These newly delivered police bikes will be used for the VIP security detail and their first assignment will be during APEC (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation) Conference at the beginning of November. Absolute reliability is required of police bikes and the Vietnamese authority’s selecting Yamaha bikes for this purpose will be sure to raise Yamaha’s brand value.

Masahiko Katsura, International Cooperation Group, Area Marketing Division, Overseas Market Development Operation Business Unit (YMC)