YMUS Works Together as One Yamaha to Help With Hurricane Relief

August 25-28, 2017 | YMUS

In the true spirit and passion of “One Yamaha,” YMUS has pulled together the tremendous diversity of our resources to help and aid the victims of the terrible Natural Disaster in Texas, which occurred in the end of August.

Here is a list of just some of the assistance that Yamaha has provided:

・In response to a request from Texas Governor Abbott’s office, the Marine group donated a requested amount of G3 aluminum boats and motors for rescue efforts. In addition, members of our pro fishing staff in the Houston area worked to rescue those stranded from roof tops, and the marine group covered their fuel costs as part of the support for their efforts.

・The Watercraft Group immediately requested dealers in affected areas to volunteer the use of WaveRunners for search and rescue operations and all depreciation costs will be borne by the Watercraft Group.

・The OPE Group immediately expedited shipments of Generators and all in stock Water Pumps to dealers in the affected areas and is working to donate pressure washers and more pumps to those areas in need.

・Yamaha Motor Finance Corporation, U.S.A. (YMFUS) is also assisting both its dealers and customers as part of Hurricane Harvey Relief effort. First, for its nearly 5,000 customers in the affected area, YMFUS is waiving minimum payment requirements and associated fees, developing payment extension plans, and halting any collections, repayment, and repossession activities for these customers. Secondly, through its partnership with Wells Fargo-CDF, over 20 dealers have been identified as having been negatively impacted. These dealers will receive both deferral of interest and curtailment charge and any late fees will be waived.

・The Motorsports Group diverted Feed the Children food drop funds from a later scheduled activity in the Kennesaw area to an immediate delivery this week of two trucks of food and hygiene to flood victims.

Finally, YMUS encouraged employees to donate to the Red Cross relief fund and has matched all employee donations to the dollar.

Bob Starr, Yamaha Motor Corporation (YMUS)