Taiwan Yamaha Cup Youth Soccer Team and Cultural Exchange

August 5-7, 2017|YMT

YMT (Yamaha Motors Taiwan) held a CSR activity to continue increasing further knowledge and encouraging the spread of youth soccer.

Every year since 2009, YMT has held the Yamaha Junior Cup. This time, the winning team from the previous year (our 8th tournament), Tainan Municipal Wenhua Elementary School and the runners-up, New Taipei City Xinshi Elementary School, were selected and joined Jubilo Iwata for a chance to learn soccer techniques and mutual cultures, as well as help deepen awareness of Yamaha Motors Group. They were invited to Japan August 5 through 7. During their stay in Japan, the Jubilo coach held soccer classes, and practice matches were held with the Ise team and Jubilo U12 team. They also got a tour of the Yamaha Stadium soccer pitch and facilities and watched a J-League game. While learning soccer skills and experiencing Japanese culture, they fully enjoyed soccer.
On the last day, the young athletes took a tour of the Communication Plaza and learned about Yamaha Motors’ history and activities, and were fascinated by many products on display. We hope that this visit and cultural exchange will help heighten the participants’ motivation and look forward to a further increase in a love of soccer that will help young people to grow.

Josephine Wang, Yamaha Motor Taiwan (YMT)