Yamaha Unveils a Brand New
Yamaha Club Rewards System

August 12, 2017 | YMPH

Yamaha Motor Philippines Inc. (YMPH) has built an incredible community for riders where they can thrive through their passion and dedication for riding. The Yamaha Club (Yclub) began with a special discount privilege for all their members and this 2017, they have created a rewards system to give their riders a greater level of exclusivity.

In the press conference at the Y-ZONE on August 12, 2017, YMPH announced that the Yamaha Club Card holders who purchased any Yamaha parts, apparel, Yamalube, and helmets would now have an equal amount of points which deserved premium items or an inclusion to a special Yclub event.

Also, the sponsors of the club were introduced. The Consumer Care Products Incorporated, Petron Corporation, FDR Tires, and Racing Boy. They stated that the involvement of their brand is not only a testament to their dedication to Yclub riders, but it is also the fusion of innovation among the companies.

YMPH Sales and Marketing Director, Kaoru Ogura alongside Marketing Section Senior Manager, Ryan Jude Camus led the official contract signing and made a toast to celebrate the beginning of great things for the Yamaha Club.

Mark Ericson C. Acle, Yamaha Motor Philippines (YMPH)