Yamaha Cup Race in Central Java, Indonesia

August 6, 2017|YIMM

The Yamaha Cup Race was held in Kebumen, Central Java on August 6th featuring the T150 MX-King and T115 Jupiter Z1 underbone models.

This one-design race was divided into nine classes based on engine displacement and age. There will be three races this year in Eastern and Central Java.

The Yamaha Cup Race has been one of YIMM’s continuous efforts to promote racing since 1990. This year we had 10-year old riders for the first time and female riders as well, and we hope to get more young local riders, increasing demand for motorcycles in the Indonesian market and creating a thriving racing culture.

There was a freestyle performance by ASEAN Champions the Wawan Tembong brothers (the younger brother is just 12 years old!), exhibits from the sponsors, and test rides of new models.

148 riders and 15,000 attendees joined the race that day, and everyone had a great time.

Akira Nakatsuka, Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing(YIMM)