YMVN Goes for a Guinness Record!
Making the World’s Biggest Logo Using Motorcycles

July 30, 2017|YMVN

YMVN held an event to celebrate reaching the shipment of one million Exciters. Over 2,000 riders gathered in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam to go for a Guinness World Record.

We achieved two world records, the first being the Largest Motorcycle Logo/Image (a record 554 vehicles), and the second being the Largest Human Image of a Motorcycle (a record 1,325 people). As many as 2,132 guests joined the parade.

This was a major topic in the news in Vietnam and on social media. In the future, YMVN will host a trans-ASEAN Exciter caravan to celebrate the one-millionth shipment and the achievement of the Guinness World Records. We cannot wait to reach the 1.5 million and 2 million mark, a challenge worthy of Yamaha, as we continue to provide excitement to our customers.

Hidenori Shiba, Yamaha Motor Vietnam (YMVN)