Master of Torque “MT-09” to Debut in Taiwan!

July 18, 2017|YMT

On July 18, YMT announced the release of the new MT-09 in Taiwan. The announcement was made on a stage with a blackened backdrop in line with the model’s “Dark Style” concept. With a sharp and edgy style emphasized by its powerful liquid-cooled in-line 3-cylinder engine and aggressive LED double-headlights, the world of the MT-09 was unveiled. (To be sold and shipped in November)

In order to give customers better understandings of the model’s charms, YMC development project leader of the MT-09 was invited as a special guest and talked about in-depth stories of the product..
The release of the model drew attention from the media; 9 TV stations, 19 publishers, and 27 web media sources came to the event to cover the exciting news. With this news coverage and media presence, we expect that the model will be widely known to consumers.

Live video is uploaded on SNS. More than 20,000 viewers have experienced the event on line. With the introduction of the MT-09, three MT-series models are now available in the Taiwanese market, which is sure to expand the width and depth of Yamaha fans. YMT will continue to transmit the latest information until the release day, aiming to increase the number of advance sales as well as to promote the new product.

Chiang Hsinchung, Yamaha Motor Taiwan (YMT)