First Scooter Boutique Opened in Chennai, India

July 21, 2017|YMIS

On July 21, YMIS launched the very first Scooter Boutique in Chennai as a strategy to open new sales channels.

Demands for scooters in India are increasing and estimated to reach 10 million units in 2020. YMIS has established the Scooter Marketing Section in an attempt to capture the demands. Since we are anticipating a significant future increase in the number of female users, incorporating female users’ points of view was a key strategy in creating the store. Upon designing the store, YMIS took opinion polls and organized a meeting of experts to listen to the recommendations of its female advisors.

Scooter Boutique, based on the knowledge and recommendations acquired in the design process, will offer a safe and comfortable space for women, even when they visit the store alone. Innovations include staffing Scooter Boutiques with additional female sales persons and service advisors as well as providing a female-only washroom.

With an eye on the growing scooter market, we will expand Scooter Boutique throughout India. We will also consolidate its marketing activities in order to reflect female customers’ views and capture India’s scooter demands.

Masaya Hojo, Yamaha Motor India Sales (YMIS)