YIMM & YMA Holds the 2nd Joint Shared Values Workshop

July 13-14, 2017|YMC

Twenty-four 3S (Sales, Service and Spare parts)-related managers who promote the “Yamaha Way” gathered in Indonesia on July 13 and 14 for the 2nd Shared Value Workshop jointly hosted by YMA and YIMM. Also in attendance at this workshop were Mr. Dyonisius Beti and Mr. Steven Cotterell, Executive Vice President of YIMM and Managing Director of YMA, respectively. The executives expressed their strong hopes and commitments to the Shared Values activities. The theme of this workshop series is “instilling the Yamaha Way” and its aim is to identify issues in executing the Shared Values activities and explore ways to resolve them.

During the session, participants reviewed the action plans that they created in the first workshop and, then, had case studies of other companies as well as group discussions. Lively discussions were evidence that all participants shared a common struggle in finding ways to bring the Yamaha Way into day-to-day operations. The group work was followed by individual work; participants made adjustments to their own action plans to solve issues they were facing, based on preceding activities and discussions.

The workshop will be held sequentially in locations engaging in the Shared Values activities, in order to spread the Yamaha Way throughout the entire Group.

Toshinori Hirabayashi, Marketing Sales Planning Division, MC 2nd Business Unit (YMC)