Yamaha Launches Global Brand Site

July 1, 2017|YMC

Beginning on Brand Day, July 1, Yamaha has started new efforts to strengthen the value of its global brand. As a part of this effort, YMC has launched the GLOBAL BRAND SITE, where 70,000 associates of Yamaha Motor Group can share their visions for Yamaha brand.

In “About Yamaha Brand”, Mr. Hiroyuki Yanagi, President and CEO of Yamaha shares his message about the brand. Books and videos are also available so that you can gain a better understanding of the newly defined “unique style of Yamaha” with the keywords “Innovation, Excitement, Confidence, Emotion and Ties.”

In “YAMAHA MOTOR BRAND BOOK”, you can read true stories explaining “Innovation, Excitement, Confidence, Emotion and Ties” to help you gain better insights into Yamaha brand.

The video, “The Unique style of YAMAHA”, visually and musically expresses “Innovation, Excitement, Confidence, Emotion, Ties”. It is even enjoyable to just listen to the music.

The “Activities” site will introduce branding activities implemented in various parts of the world.
The site content will be updated regularly.
Please bookmark the URL (https://globalymc.sharepoint.com/sites/gbm/brand) and check for updates.

Chikako Kaneko, Corporate Branding Group, Corporate Planning Division (YMC)