Dealership Owners’ Training Series Begins
in Indonesia!

July 2017 | YIMM

Based on its core strategy “Selling by Brand, Selling by Dealer Network, Selling by Product, Selling by People”, YIMM is committed to differentiating Yamaha from other brands in order to gain true selling power that exceeds price competitions.

One of the recent activities is a training series for dealership owners. We believe that a sense of value upheld by owners, in addition to their actions in day-to-day operations plays a crucial role in improving the true capability of their dealership. The training series targets key dealerships in each region and aims to;

1. Raise owners’ awareness and understanding of Yamaha and turn them into fans of Yamaha brand, and
2. Bring expertise to dealership management.

The training involves;
(1)Deepening the understanding of shared values via the Global Yamaha Way training.
(2)Gaining a higher level of trust in the brand through a YIMM plant tour.
(3)Learning the history of Yamaha brand in Indonesia by hearing first-hand about the experiences of first-generation owners.
(4)Gaining business awareness through 3-months of coaching by a management consultant.

YIMM believes that the two goals will be achieved through a combination of these elements.

The staff at YIMM pledges to bring radiance to Yamaha brand and together with dealerships regain the lion’s share of the market.

Hiroshi Setogawa, Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing (YIMM)