Yamaha Motor Solutions Xiamen (YMSLX) Celebrates Opening of New Building

June 16, 2017|YMSL

The new company building for Yamaha Motor Solutions Xiamen (YMSLX) was completed in Software Park III located in Xiamen, Fujian Province, China. The opening ceremony for the new building was held on June 16. The event was attended by a total of 100 guests including those from within and outside of China, as well as officials from Xiamen City.

As festive Chinese folk music filled the venue, Mr. Akihiko Nagai and Mr. Zhao Fujun, Chairman and President of YMSLX, respectively, gave opening remarks. Mr. Takaaki Kimura, Vice President of YMC, and many other guests extended their congratulations and best wishes for YMSLX.

The new building was designed with a concept of “work style innovation”. YMSLX will build a working environment where healthy and positive communication is encouraged and productivity and creativity are fostered.

Yamaha Motor Solutions Group will continue to be the source of IT innovation for all Yamaha businesses. The Group will also aim for continuous growth on a global scale.

Yasuhiko Ohori, Yamaha Motor Solutions Co., Ltd. (YMSL)