IM Mounter Production Reaches 40,000 Units

June 28, 2017|YMC

The IM Mounter products have reached a total production of 40,000 units. A ceremony was held in our new IM Toyooka Factory, with representatives of Yamaha Corporation, the customer who purchased the 40,000th unit, invited.

Yamaha Corporation is a long-time user of the IM Mounter products. Looking at the 40,000th unit, the latest Z:LEX (YSM20) model, the customer representatives shared their stories surrounding the series models which they have used in the past.

The Z:LEX was delivered to the customer’s plant after the ceremony and we had an opportunity to hear first-hand users’ excitement and great expectations for the epoch-making unit. It was an event which renewed our commitment to loyal customers such as Yamaha Corporation.

Sales of the IM Mounter series continue to grow today and we are accelerating our efforts so that we can soon achieve the next milestone of 50,000 units. We keep in mind that each machine is special to its users and to us - manufacturers and distributors. With that in mind, everyone at IM Business Unit continues to strive to deliver excellence in the IM Mounter products to customers around the world.

Shuichi Imai, Overseas Sales & Marketing Division, Surface Mount Technology Section, IM Business Unit (YMC)