Yamaha Hosts IEC International Conference

June 28-30, 2017|YMC

A 3-day conference for the International Electrotechnical Commission, or IEC, was held in Communication Plaza June 28th through 30th. The event was the first international conference for TC69/PT61851-23-2.

The conference aimed to establish an international standard for public fast-charging stations for electric motorcycles. Since Yamaha has been serving as the leader for the standardization project, the conference was hosted by Yamaha. Infrastructure for electric motorcycles is still being underdeveloped, and even the establishment of industry standards, such as IEC, require voluntary actions by motorcycle makers.

The conference was attended by the members from Japan - Honda R&D Co., Ltd., Suzuki Motor Corporation, and Toyota Motor Corporation -, from France, Italy, Canada, and Switzerland, as well as US and German counterparts remotely via web conferencing. Thanks to the participants and those who supported the event, the conference ended in success with the environment conducive to focused discussions.
Active opinions - and heated debates at times - were exchanged during the conference. The conference was concluded successfully, with a consensus on pending issues reached.

Hiroyuki Takahashi, EM Body Development Division, EM Development Section (YMC)