Toyota 2000GT 50th Anniversary Event

June 4, 2017|YMC

Toyota 2000GT – the model co-developed by Yamaha and Toyota, and then manufactured by Yamaha under contract with Toyota – is widely known for the collaborative effort between these two Japanese makers.

On Sunday, June 4, the 50th Anniversary Event of the legendary model was held at the Yamaha Fukuroi Test Course, attended only by the people closely associated with the model.

Sponsored by Toyota 2000GT Owner’s Club Japan, the event was a showcase of 30 Toyota 2000GTs brought to the venue for this occasion from Japan and the US. The visitors to this anniversary event included former race car drivers and former Yamaha associates who were involved in the development of the model. As Toyota 2000GTs breezed along the test course, the visitors enjoyed conversations on their personal memories and histories with the model.

“Toyota 2000GT was a pinnacle of wisdom of former Yamaha associates. The wisdom and knowhow devoted to this model positively and greatly influenced Yamaha culture,” said Mr. Takaaki Kimura, Vice President of YMC.

After 50 years since its release, the model remains as a very valuable car which continues to attract many fans.

The event reminds us of what the Yamaha brand should be – a brand which is loved around the world and stands the test of time, just like the Toyota 2000GT.

Saki Shimazu, Business Planning & Control Division, Automotive Business Unit