Vietnam Motorcycle Show Opens

May 4 to 7, 2017 | YMVN

The Vietnam Motorcycle Show was held in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, from May 4th through May 7th. Hosted by the Association of Motorcycle Manufacturers, the 4-day event drew 150,000 visitors.

Yamaha exhibited a total of 20 models, displayed in 4 conceptually diverse presentation booths; Racing, City Sport, Smart, and Fashionable. “Glorious”, the highest-grade concept model in the fashionable scooter category to be designed for women, was given its world debut at this event. In the fashion show, Yamaha visualized living progressive lifestyles through Yamaha products while expressing the concept of each motorcycle model.

During this event, more than 5,000 customers experienced Yamaha's sport models and scooters first-hand, taking advantage of opportunities offered to test-drive the new bikes. There, a free-style motocross performance also took place, captivating the audience.

YMVN will continue to promote the “truly Yamaha” brand. Through this effort, YMVN will set Yamaha apart from other brands and expand its market share.

Sugimoto, MC 1st Business Unit