“TRICITY 155” Test Driving Events on the Street Corners of Taiwan

May 21-July 29, 2017|YMT

YMT held 22 test driving events for a new type of commuter vehicle, the LMW “TRICITY 155”, in various venues of Taiwan. The series of events were aimed at increasing the visibility of this model and giving many users a chance to experience the model’s vehicle stability and comfort.

Aimed at showing the sophisticated styling, technologies, and performance of the TRICITY 155, the events were held not only in standard event venues but also on street corners, for example in front of a department store, where people could easily stop by to see the model. Through these events, YMT gave many customers a first-hand experience of the commuter’s sporty handling, vehicle stability, and riding comfort. Yamaha has proposed yet another new motorcycle style to users in Taiwan.

Cho Chienming, Yamaha Motor Taiwan (YMT)