Awards Given to Affiliates with Superior YAMALUBE Sales Performance

May 17, 2017 | YMC

An award ceremony was held on May 17 at Communication Plaza, attended by affiliates with superior YAMALUBE sales performances for 2016.

This was the first global sales award ceremony for YAMALUBE, and among those receiving an award were the representatives of 5 global affiliates; YMPH [the Philippines], YMCIS [Russia], YIMM [Indonesia], YDS [Singapore], and INCOLMOTOS [Colombia]. The ceremony included presentations of success stories in sales activities. The session was a very valuable learning opportunity for everyone, with many questions from the audience and active exchanges of opinions.

After the ceremony, the participants went on a tour of Communication Plaza and the plant. On the following day, they received training at the Oil Research Center. The participants learned a great deal about oil in general as well as Yamaha oil products. The participants returned home with an invaluable experience.

YAMALUBE is sold worldwide as a global brand of Yamaha’s genuine oil.

Developed specifically for Yamaha engines, YAMALUBE - Yamaha’s genuine oil - is “A Liquid Engine Component”. With this sales concept, we will continue our sales efforts to further expand our market share and increase YAMALUBE’s brand power.

Yanagisawa, CS Center