"Packaging Solution for Repair Parts of YAMAHA Outboard Motor Lower Assy." Won a WPO WorldStar Packaging Award

May 4, 2017 | YMC

The WorldStar Competition 2017 sponsored by the World Packaging Organization (WPO) was held in Germany on May 4, and "Packaging Solution for Repair Parts of YAMAHA Outboard Motor Lower Assy." won the WorldStar Award.

This competition aims to introduce excellent packages from various countries to the world, and is strictly examined by judges from around the world. To be qualified for it, the candidates are required to have previously won an award in their respective countries, and our solution won the Technical Packaging Award in the Japan Packaging Contest 2016 out of the 415 applicants in total, which was the highest number ever.

The solution that won the award improved the product fixing method to reduce the operation and material costs. The conventional material receiving method along the figure of the product was replaced by fixing the gravity center position of the product and a sharp shape concentrated on one point, which simplified the materials. In addition, paper tubes made of used materials were employed in the materials subjected to a load, which reduced the operation and material costs by 10%. This also improved the packaging and disposal work efficiency, reduced the weight of the materials and reduced CO2 emissions.

Kishibe, ME Manufacturing Division