Incolmotos Yamaha Shares its Passion for Motorcycles at the “Feria de las 2 Ruedas”

May 4 to 7, 2017 | Incolmotos

Incolmotos Yamaha participated in the 11th “Feria de las 2 Ruedas”, which took place from the 4th to the 7th of May in Plaza Mayor Medellín. This event, considered to be the most important in Colombia’s motorcycle industry, was attended by 60,500 motorcycle enthusiasts and more than 550 industry people.

At this event, Incolmotos Yamaha revved the hearts of motorcycle lovers in a variety of exhibition spaces and activities, including the presentation of the latest models and innovations brought forth in a booth full of attitude and color. Incolmotos Yamaha’s customers and fans could really feel the Kando that was emanating from the event.

Incolmotos Yamaha presented new models at the event; NMAX (version S) and SCR950. These motorcycles were created to transmit the best experiences to its riders. Incolmotos Yamaha’s customers, employees, dealers as well as the media were introduced to the brand's new collection of clothing and accessories by way of a runway show bursting with music and style.

Finally, attendees enjoyed academic training for the new Yamaha technologies and test drives offered by Incolmotos Yamaha. A great time was had by all participants.

Mauricio Vélez Angel, Incolmotos Yamaha