4th Global Marketing in Sales Meeting Held in LA

April 6 to 8, 2017 | YMUS

For three days from April 6th through 8th, 26 members from 10 countries gathered in Los Angeles, California, USA for the 4th Global Marketing in Sales Meeting (GMSM). The global meeting – a forum for discussions in the area of sales and after-sales – was held thanks to the cooperation of YMUS.

Day 1 began with opening remarks by Mr. Yoichiro Kojima, Deputy Chief General Manager. The main topic of this day was how we can learn from successful cases in other countries and utilize those lessons for successful outcomes in our own country. During the “Teach & Learn” session, ideas and opinions on planning were actively exchanged. The plans, improved through discussions, will be put into action in their respective countries and the results reported in the next GMSM.

On Day 2, the affiliates which are promoting “The Global Yamaha Way” gave updates on their activities and then the GMSM Committee discussions took place. On the final day, participants had a chance to observe the bLU cRU activity at YMUS, which had been horizontally deployed in many countries. Then, the participants discussed how the activities may be adapted to their respective countries.

As more and more global exchange activities take place, we are witnessing better global teamwork. Moving forward, we will expand the number of countries participating in the GMSM and enhance the marketing power of Global Yamaha.

Hirabayashi, Motorcycle Business Operations