Record Breaking Sales at Swag Bash in India

April 22-23 & 29-30, 2017|YMIS

An event called “Swag Bash” was held in Bangalore on April 22 and 23 and in Cochin on April 29 and 30.

YMIS and dealerships worked closely together for 2 weeks before the event to inform the public about Swag Bash. Also, select members of dealership staff went through customer service and sales training in order to improve their customer communication skills.

The event offered unique activities based on a 10-year vision of YMIS. Children, who will support future market demands, were invited to the traffic safety workshop. Also, women were offered motorcycle riding lessons as well as support to get a motorcycle driving license.

The highlight of the event was FMX performances and live concerts. Both events were a big success with over 10,000 visitors at each venue.

Sales staff directed their focus to following up on hot enquiries before and during the event. Thanks to their efforts, Bangalore and Cochin sold 1,250 and 865 motorcycles, respectively, renewing the highest sales record for Swag Bash.

YMIS will continue to work closely with dealerships as One Yamaha.

Yamaha Motor India Sales (YMIS)