First Yamaha Motor Show in Cambodia

April 22-30, 2017|YMC

The Yamaha Motor Show was held in Cambodia’s capital city of Phnom Penh on April 22 through 30. Cambodia has shown continuous economic growth and an increase in its population as its politics has stabilized. Embracing the opportunity, Yamaha began conducting business in 2017 with a new partner, Kong Nuon Group Co., Ltd.

This Motor Show was the first event in a series of marketing activities for the new business. The show was held in AEON Shopping Mall, one of the busiest places in the fastest growing area of the capital city. Popular models like the FZ150, the Grand Filano mounted with the BLUE CORE technology, and the FINO were at the center of attention, alongside the YZF-R1 racing model and big bikes. Many events were held during the Motor Show, some of which were attended by Miss Universe Cambodia and Miss Universe Japan. The venue was filled with many visitors each day, and the effort contributed to improving brand presence of Yamaha.

Yamaha will continue to work closely with local dealerships in grassroots efforts and other marketing activities to steadily develop the market. And through its perseverance, Yamaha will increase the number of local Yamaha fans and gain an even bigger brand presence.

Shinobu Koyano, Southeast & East Asia Sales Division (YMC)