Media Invited to Test-drive Japan-spec MT-10/SP and TMAX530 (DX/SX)

April 7, 2017|YMC

On April 7, YMC invited members of the media to test-drive the MT-10/SP and TMAX530 (DX/SX). The event was held at Japan Cycle Sports Center in Shuzenji, Izu City, Shizuoka.

The event opened with an information session covering the background, features, and design concepts, etc. of the models. After the information session, members of media were divided into several teams for test drives. Journalists from TV stations, net media, newspapers, and magazines participated, and their enthusiasm for the test-drive and their reporting was not hindered by the rainy weather experienced on this day.

The models received very positive feedback from the participants. Some of the comments were: “MT-10 is called the MT Series’ flagship model, and it is rightfully so”, “TMAX has highly-precise and synchronized acceleration, thanks to YCC-T”, “It has a design which matches its high-performance. The design makes you feel the arrival of new era”, “I don’t have many chances to test-drive a vehicle in the rain. I was pleasantly surprised that these models gave me pleasure while riding in the rain”.

The PR Group would like to extend our gratitude to all who made this event successful. As the PR Group, we will continue our efforts in better communicating with users all information beyond product releases to help create more Yamaha fans through media sources.

Public Relations Group, Corporate Communication Division