ASEAN - INDIA Accessory Meeting Was Held in Thailand

April 4 to 5, 2017 | YMC

For two days on April 4 and 5, the ASEAN - INDIA Accessory Meeting was held at a hotel in Bangkok, Thailand, hosted by YMC's Accessory Division. The meeting was attended by the group companies in the whole ASEAN region and India including TYM, YIMM, YMVN, YMPH, HLYM, HLYR and YMIS.

At this meeting, which was organized for the second time, we discussed the "results of the business activities" for the previous fiscal year and "exchange of information on the action plans for this fiscal year" of the respective companies and Accessory Division, as well as other subjects including the "challenges" and "requests to YMC" for the future expansion of the accessory business, in order to clarify the problems to be addressed for the future.

The Accessory Division also described issues to be noted for development activities and the expansion of the parts business, including "learning from failures and introduction of successful cases" and "presentation of accessory guidelines," which attracted a high level of interest from the participating companies.

Tomita, Accessory Division