2017 New Employee Welcoming Ceremony

April 3, 2017 | YMC

267 new employees (210 college- and 57 high-school graduates) gathered on the 3rd floor conference hall of Communication Plaza on April 3 for the welcoming ceremony.

Mr. Hiroyuki Yanagi, President, told the new comers that overseas sales accounted for 90% of all Yamaha sales and, thus, more and more Yamaha members were working on a global scale. Mr. Yanagi added a word of encouragement, saying that he looked forward to seeing new members grow into unique individuals who can embody what Yamaha was all about.

The ceremony was also attended by Yamaha executives. Representing the new comers, Ms. Yoshie Kawamura, in her speech, spoke about her trip to Cambodia this year and how she saw Yamaha Clean Water Supply Systems being used in a hospital and in the local community. Ms. Kawamura expressed her hope of helping to make people’s lives richer.

The new employees will undergo a 3-month new-employee training with support from various sections. We appreciate the continuing support of all involved sections and look forward to working together to help the new employees grow to their fullest extent.

Yuta Sakaino, Human Resources Division