Ceremony held to celebrate Exports of “XMAX300” to Europe

April 18, 2017 | YIMM

YIMM held a ceremony on April 18th to commemorate the start of production and exports to Europe of the newly-released global model “XMAX300.”

The ceremony was attended by Indonesian government officials from the Ministry of Industry and the Ministry of Finance in addition to approximately 30 media agencies. A ribbon cutting and a plant tour were conducted on this special occasion at YIMM.

As an export base, YIMM has exported a cumulative total of over one million units since 1997, the largest figure in the motorcycle industry in Indonesia. Highly regarded from the Indonesian government for our contribution to its economy, YIMM is exploring further expansion of business through exports of this “XMAX300.”

Throughout this ceremony, we reconfirmed our resolve that YIMM would be committed to expanding exports further while the government would provide continuous support. We have indeed marked a new chapter in the history of Yamaha.

Akitaka Tanaka, Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing(YIMM)