Limi, a cool and active scooter, was debuted to target Taiwanese women

March 2, 2017|YMT

YMT announced the new scooter model Limi on March 2.

Unlike the existing models for women, Limi is targeted at Taiwanese women who prefer a cool and active type of scooter. Limi features a riding position that gives a wide view and a sense of openness, as well as a design that takes advantage of the unique lamps and straight (horizontal) lines.

The release event was held in a fashion-show style to allow the attending media to feel empathy for the product concept of Limi, and the presentation was made in the form of dialogues from a female perspective between Rima, a fashion model selected as the advertising character for Limi, and the designer of the product.

Limi was released on March 7, and we expect that it will spread this new fashion trend in Taiwan.

Chen, Yamaha Motor Taiwan (YMT)