YMRT 20th Anniversary Celebration

March 31, 2017 | YMRT

On March 31, YMRT celebrated its 20th Anniversary under the slogan “Making a Leap for the Next 20 Years”. All employees attended the ceremony.

At the anniversary ceremony, visions of the next 20 years for YMRT were shared during the BEUP activities, and YMRT members also had discussions on the topics “What YMRT Means to Me” and “My Vision for Myself in the Future”. A hand-made radio-controlled car race was also held to foster better team work for challenging tasks.

As you can see in the photos, YMRT members enjoyed the event and the opportunity for open dialog. The event gave all of us a renewed passion to pursue YMRT’s mission of “continuing to develop products for inside and outside of Taiwan—products which surpass expectations” for the coming 20 years.

Lu Shihan, Yamaha Motor R&D Taiwan (YMRT)