The engineer to be sent to Team KUROSHIO to compete for XPRIZE has been selected

March 27, 2017|YMC

The engineer to be sent to Team KUROSHIO to compete for Shell Ocean Discovery XPRIZE has been selected, and will be assigned in April to the Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC), the main base of the team in Yokosuka-city, Kanagawa, for research, development and operation work.

Through screening of the openly invited candidates from among the company employees including thesis examination and interviews, Mr. Yuta Shindo, who belongs to Functional Unit Engineering Division, PF Model Unit Component Section, was selected. He mentioned the motive for the application, "I was impressed with the passion of the researchers of my generation to overturn the conventional wisdom (at the briefing session held with core members of the team at the end of February), which stimulated my spirit as an engineer to take on a challenge."

In the meantime, Executive Vice President Takaaki Kimura interviewed Mr. Shindo on March 27 just before the assignment, and encouraged him, saying "This attempt is a commitment of the whole company. As the representative, you must aim to be number one in the world." Mr. Shindo explained his determination in response, "While one person has a limited capacity, I would like to use help from everyone in the company and make my best efforts to turn the internally accumulated resources of various types into the abilities of the team."

Tanaka, Corporate Communication Division