ATV&ROV Test Drive for Manufacturing Staff

March 25, 2017|YMC

On Saturday, March 25, an ATV&ROV test drive session was held at ATV-Sports Land Haruno in Tenryu Ward, Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka. 24 members of the Recreational Vehicle Business Unit were invited to this event to gain first-hand experience of the vehicles they make.

Blessed with good weather, the event was held twice, once in the morning and again in the afternoon. The first half of each session was a hands-on lesson in safety using 8 ATVs and ROVs. After the safety lesson, participants had a chance to test-drive the ATV/ROV on a course through the woods. They also had an opportunity to ride in and experience the much-talked-about 2-seater sport ROV model “YXZ1000”.

The YXZ1000 is not available in the Japanese market, so it was a rare treat for the participants to have a first-hand experience with the model.

The event gave them a customers’ perspective, judging from participants’ comments such as “Now that I actually drove a product that I make, I feel a higher sense of responsibility to make good products for our customers” and “Riding the YXZ gave me a chance to experience the exciting ride that our customers are looking for”.

Komagata, RV Business Planning Division