A group of 103 people from Italy visited YMC as part of a dealer trip

March 10, 2017|YMC

A total of 103 people including staff of YMIT, an Italian dealer, who stayed in Japan for a dealer trip, visited YMC on March 10.

During this visit, they inspected our plants and Communication Plaza and listened to the description of TMAX design philosophy by staff of the Design Center. We also offered lunch at the company cafeteria as a playful measure to allow them to feel a sense of unity as members of the Yamaha family, which received favorable reception from the visitors.

Italy is one of our priority markets in Europe and also a crucial market in our commitment to developing the LMW market. We take the initiative to promote measures to enhance communication with customers in the country, such as the opening of the first European store that adopts the new store design concept of "3 Block Strategy" in Parma.

We will continue to make concerted efforts with dealers to expand our sales and further improve the performance of our European business.

Matsushima, MC 1st Business Unit