Coveted NPI New Product Award at APEX 2017 for Revolutionary

February, 14, 2017 | YMUS

San Diego, California, USA ― Yamaha Motor Corporation, USA won a coveted New Product Introduction (NPI) Award for the company's new ultra‐high‐speed Z:TA-R / YSM40R modular surface mounter, which boasts the world's fastest placement rates and area productivity at 200,000 CPH.

The award, sponsored by UP Media/Circuits Assembly magazine, was presented on Tuesday, February 14, 2017 at the IPC/APEX 2017 Conference and Exhibition at the San Diego Convention Center and was accepted by George Babka, Sales General Manager.

NPI Awards recognizes the leading new products for electronics assembly introduced during the previous 12 months. Awards are selected by an independent panel of practicing industry engineers.

The YSM40R was developed using a revolutionary productivity concept. With the adoption of a 1 m‐wide compact platform, a 4‐beam layout and Yamaha's multi nozzle Rotary Head, the highest speeds and area productivity are achieved. The combination of high‐speed production with flexible and versatile production formats makes this machine uniquely suited to meet the ever-changing and challenging demands of OEM and contract assemblers.

With the YSM40R, Yamaha has incorporated the functionality of a high-speed rotary head design within an ultra-compact platform. While providing the speed of a rotary head, the newly developed ultra‐high‐speed head is also capable of simultaneous pickup as well as simultaneous vision recognition of all components on the head at once.

Bob Starr, Yamaha Motor Corporation, U.S.A. (YMUS)