"Yamaha Big Bike Service Training Center" Opens for Distributors

February 24, 2017|YMT

YMT opened its "Yamaha Big Bike Service Training Center" in New Taipei City on February 24. The purpose of the center is to provide training for distributors specialized in big bikes. The new center is designed to serve various functions. In the service area, distributors can bring their customers' motorcycles in for YMT-assisted troubleshooting and repair/servicing. The chassis testing facility can be used to replicate the symptoms of malfunctions as well as for performance testing. The new center also has training rooms well-equipped to host the YTA (Yamaha Technical Academy).

As the big bike market in Taiwan has expanded in recent years, distributors are required to become more competitive in their technical capabilities as well as customer services. By having this facility available to distributors, YMT aims to support distributors in technical capability improvements and offer customers safer and more comfortable motorcycling experiences.

YMT will also consolidate the Taiwanese market information for large-size motorcycle models here. This effort will help YMT develop reference materials useful in reducing vehicle repair times, and provide Yamaha developers with feedback on how Taiwanese customers use their motorcycles.

Chen Li-Chen, Yamaha Motor Taiwan (YMT)