Debut of the New TMAX & XMAX, the Kings of Scooters

February 23, 2017|YMT

On February 23, YMT announced the release of the latest big bike models, the new TMAX and XMAX. These models inherit the DNA of the MAX models and target male scooter enthusiasts who are looking for performance and a comfortable ride. In the new TMAX and XMAX, both the engine and styling have evolved into an even higher standard of excellence.

The brilliant light show introducing the new TMAX and XMAX was a perfect stage to emphasize the models' sophistication and design. The models' design engineer traveled from YMC headquarters for this occasion to explain about the performance and features of the new scooters.

The event was attended by about 60 media sources including TV stations, publishers, and web journalists, as well as about 30 big bike dealerships.

The new models were highly received. We expect that the new TMAX & XMAX will continue to lead the big-bike market in Taiwan.

Wu, Yamaha Motor Taiwan (YMT)