Yamaha the Market Leader in Germany

February 15, 2017|YMG

Current figures from the IVM* illustrate that Yamaha was able to significantly outperform its competitors in the German market for 2016.

Yamaha took the lead in the 2016 German motorcycle market with a 14.06% market share. With new models, targeted marketing and good communication, Yamaha 2016 reached the number one position and looks well positioned for the future.

In 2016, 24,303 125 cc and larger two-wheel vehicles were sold, bringing Yamaha 14.06% of market share. In 2015, Yamaha's share was 2.89% lower than that of BMW, and now, according to the IVM*, Yamaha's 2016 share surpassed BMW's 13.88%. Honda occupies third place in the ranking with 11.64% market share.

The more than 50 members associated in IVM represent 95 percent of the German motorcycle market. IVM advocates for the experience of motorcycle and scooter riding. "Lobby work for powered two-wheelers" is the most important function of the association that participates and co-decides in politics and society, in numerous committees and in dialogue with decision-makers.

*) Industrie-Verband Motorrad Deutschland e.V. (IVN) represents the German motorcycle industry: manufacturers and importers of motorcycles and scooters, as well as manufacturers and importers of motorcycle gear and motorcycle equipment.

Nicole Papay, Yamaha Motor Germany(YMG)