Launching Full-Scale Efforts to Share Knowledge across the Entire Europe

February 1 to 3, 2017 | YME

YME has hosted EMSM (European Marketing in Sales Meeting) in Amsterdam, the Netherland on February 1st-3rd of 2017.

Forty people from 18 bases across Europe attended the meeting this time with the participating departments expanded to the entire 3S (service, sales and spare parts). In the meeting, YME and each country announced their action plans they would work on this year, and held the "Teach and Learn" session on the third day using these action plans. The participants were divided into smaller groups based on their interest in order to discuss points of improvement (Kaizen), KPI, and future challenges for each action plan. YME members served as coordinators this time, prompting lively discussions among the participants.

Each country is going to carry out what was discussed in this meeting, and they will review the results of their activities in the next EMSM scheduled in autumn.

Sakamoto, Motorcycle Business Operations 2nd Business Unit