YMC Employees Made Great Accomplishments in the Certification Exams Held by CISTEC

February 23, 2017 | YMC

Among the exams to certify the persons with practical skills on security export control, Expert*1 and Legal Expert*2 exams, which are on advanced levels, were held.

In these very competitive exams, two of our employees (Mr. Ishii from Technology Center and Mr. Matsuda from Logistics & Security Trade Division) passed the Expert exam, and one (Mr. Hamano from Integrated Auditing Division) passed the Legal Expert exam, which was an amazing feat. Mr. Hata, General Manager of the Logistics & Security Trade Division, expressed his expectations for their further success in the future and presented them with the certificates at Communication Plaza of our company on May 15.

In recent years, with the globalization of development, procurement and production, it has become common to export cargo and supply technologies to companies and universities in foreign countries on a daily basis. In this context, awareness and knowledge have been enhanced throughout the company. For example, more employees in the business units close to the market have passed the exams, and they independently notice risks on security trade control in the course of their business activities and consult our group more often.

We would like to continuously encourage employees to take those exams as a method to maintain a high level of security trade control as a global company.

*1 Expert:Exam on an expert level that covers relevant laws, transaction screening and applicability determination in addition to basic knowledge The national pass rate this time was 10.56% (19 successful applicants)

*2 Legal Expert:Expert exam specializing in laws The national pass rate this time was 14.42% (47 successful applicants)

Shikuma, Logistics & Security Trade Division