YMC Holds Inauguration Ceremony for the Yamaha Motor Innovation Center

February 22, 2017|YMC

YMC celebrated the completion of its new innovation center (previous tentative name: new design building) on February 22nd. Vice President Kimura expressed gratitude to the companies in charge of design and supervision, and construction for their great work.

We unveiled to about 60 participants including guests and members of the press our new "innovation creation hub" that allows us to integrate design capability and technological development. The program of the ceremony included the explanation of the innovation center, presentation of testimonials, and a preview of the building, etc.

With its evocative and inspirational space that invokes creative thinking, this center is equipped with facilities and functions that make compatible and coordinated use of the latest digital technology and a real-size manufacturing system. This will lead us to acquire a new dimension of ideas, styling and innovative manufacturing, contributing to the goal of our new medium-term management plan, "A Unique Company That Continues to Achieve Dynamic Milestones." In order to achieve this, co-creation with all of our employees including engineers will be the key to success. We look forward to your visit to this innovation center.

Fukata, Design Center Corporate Design Division