Central and South American MCs Meet at Merchandising Conference

January 17 to 19, 2017|YMC

On January 17 through 19, the presidents and merchandising supervisors from Colombia, Mexico, Peru, and Argentina met at GHQ for "Central and South Americas Merchandising Conference".

During the 3-day conference, the representatives of each country shared their sales success stories. In the case study, they used an Argentinean case and shared methodologies to extract issues and develop an action plan. With the introduction of FZ250 in mind, the members had discussions about the mid-term merchandising strategies, specification development for FZN150, and small displacement street models ? the most important category in these regions. The meeting participants also selected additional color options for XTZ125 in order to make one of the key categories, the ON/OFF models, more appealing to the market. In addition, the Smart Power Vehicle Business Unit presented future business models, which gave participants new ideas. At the end of the conference, the Corporate Communication Division explained about Y-DAL, an image sharing system, and all attendees agreed on increasing efforts for maximizing the use of advertising materials.

Noguchi, Motorcycle Business Operations 2nd Business Unit