ROV Handed Over to YANMAR America at Ceremony in YMMC

December 15, 2016|YMC

On a sunny winter day in Atlanta, Georgia, early Christmas presents were given to YANMAR America by YMMC; they were "Bull" and "Longhorn". These models are the first OEM models (product sold under a customer brand) of "Viking" and "Viking VI", Yamaha's first ever multi-purpose Recreational Off-highway Vehicles (ROV). A total of 45,700 units of these two models combined were manufactured by YMMC between 2013 and 2016.

At the Line Off Ceremony of "Bull" and "Longhorn" on December 15, 15 guests from YANMAR including Mr. Hiroyasu Yukino, Executive Officer of the GHQ R&D Unit, and Mr. Tim Fernandez, President of YANMAR America, were greeted by over 200 YMMC members. The ceremony began with a congratulatory address by Mr. Toshizumi Kato and Mr. Tatsumi Ookawa, Managing Executive Officer of the Yamaha GHQ and President of YMUS, respectively. Mr. Yukino of YANMAR expressed his amazement and appreciation to Yamaha for handing over the product only 15 months after the commencement of partnership, and the ceremony venue was filled with a sense of achievement.

Through providing Yamaha products to YANMAR, we will help farmers increase their yield and lead more productive lives.

Hidefumi Seto, Recreational Vehicle Business Unit