Regional President of Occitanie, France, Visits Yamaha

December 8, 2016|YMC

Ms. Carole Delga, newly appointed President of the new region of Occitanie in southern France, visited Yamaha on December 8. It was a part of Ms. Delga's visit to regional governments and corporations in Japan to promote Occitanie and attract corporations to the region. At Yamaha, Ms. Delga met with Mr. Yoshihiro Hidaka, Executive Officer, and Mr. Olivier Prevost, Deputy Chief General Manager.

Two cosmopolitan cities, Toulouse and Montpellier, are located in Occitanie. Growing industries and a vibrant economy backed by an increasing population are naturally very attractive to businesses. But the region also offers a number of very attractive tourist destinations, such as the Pyrenees, the Massif Central, and the Mediterranean coast.

Occitanie is also home to many world-class rugby teams. Members of the Yamaha rugby team visited Occitanie to train with some of these athletes. During her visit to Yamaha, Ms. Delga ? a big rugby fan ? also met and took photos with Yamaha Jubilo players, Mr. Yuhimaru Mimura, Mr. Takeshi Hino, and Mr. Kyosuke Horie.

In conversation with Yamaha executives, Ms. Delga complimented Yamaha's motorcycle designs. She also expressed her wish for Jubilo players to return to France. Speaking about Yamaha's presence in Occitanie, she said that many Yamaha yachts and boats are seen on the Mediterranean coast.

Takeshi Nobori, Human Resources Division