ASIAN Safety Riding Instructor Training Seminar in YMC

December 6 to 9|YMC

ASIAN Safety Riding Instructor Training Seminar took place at Communication Plaza and the Hamaoka Test Course. This training course is a part of the effort to develop test riders and regional managers at base locations in the ASEAN region.

A total of 11 participants, including 5 regional manager candidates, gathered from YMAC (Thailand), HLYR (Malaysia), YMRID(Indonesia), YMVN (Vietnam), YMRT, and YMT (Taiwan). Participants were given instruction on how to train test riders by YMC Riding Instructors during the 4-day "Train-the-Trainer" program.

A riding safety training lecture was given on Day 1 of the training. Then, the training on Day 2 and Day 3 took place at the Test Course, where participants learned how to teach the basics as well as how to prepare riders for riding skill evaluations. In addition to on-road riding practice and a hands-on training session on how to give riding training, the participants tried out off-road riding and learned how to use Yamaha Smart Riding Construction (YSRC), a tool which measures and visualizes a rider's steering operations and vehicle's behavior in order to evaluate the level of control the rider has over the vehicle. Participants spent the last day of the course reviewing what they learned in previous sessions and engaging in in-depth discussions on how to provide high-quality training at their home locations.

In the certification process, Hsu Chao-Liang of YMRT was newly certified and the other members successfully renewed their certifications. Everyone who attended the course gained new knowledge and skills and took their lessons back to their home bases.

T?ru Mikami, PF Model Development Section