The Presentation of the MT-09 took Place in Europe!

November 30 to December 8, 2016|YME

The presentation of the MT-09 took place in an abandoned amphitheater to express a mood that exemplifies the Dark Side of Japan. The building was run down and full of graffiti as it has been abandoned for the last 25 years. In this way, the journalists could better understand the MT-09 and its new specifics from a design and technical point of view.

The day after, the journalists were able to ride the MT-09 along 220km of Mallorca's roads, from coastal to winding mountain roads, where they could experience the characteristics and unique fun factor that has always been present since the first MT09 was launched. These characteristics are even stronger on this new generation thanks to its new features?a quick shifter, a slippery clutch, new engine mapping, and new suspension settings.

This increased spec was reflected also from a design point of view with the new front face now with double lights to be in line with the "big brother," the MT-10. The front face was also balanced in the back with the new tail light. The back is shorter than the previous model but has more room for passengers.

The journalists' first impressions were positive as the characteristic fun factor of the MT-09 has been maintained and upgraded thanks to the new features!

Cristian Barelli, Yamaha Motor Europe(YME)