Historic models run in demonstration for the first time in eight years

November 5, 2016|YMC

The 2016 Yamaha Historic Model Exhibition and Demonstration Run was held at the Yamaha Fukuroi Test Course on November 5 for the first time in eight years.

Fans had been waiting a long time for this popular event, which was held every two years from 2001 to 2008. This time, sixty historical motorcycles and five four-wheelers were put on display. Of these, thirty-four motorcycles, including Yamaha Motor's first motorcycle YA-1 and race models, were driven in the demonstration. Also driven was the Toyota 2000GT, regarded as Japan's first sports car, developed by Yamaha and Toyota. Fans were delighted to see Yamaha's super car OX99-11 which was developed as the first automobile to bear the Yamaha name and cemented Yamaha's expertise acquired from the Formula One races. The three cars driven were prototypes because the OX99-11 never made it to production due to the recession.

In fabulous weather, the site bustled with excitement with over three thousand visitors, more than twice the fourteen hundred who attended in 2008. Yamaha bike lovers drove far and wide from across Japan, as evidenced by their license plates ranging from Fukushima up north to Miyazaki in Kyushu.

The thirty drivers who undertook the demonstration were chosen from a lot of Yamaha Motor workers who volunteered for the task. It must have been a precious, unforgettable experience for them to operate these historic vehicles.

Tetsuo Osumi, Corporate Communication Division