Indonesia Launches MAXI YAMAHA

November 2, 2016|YIMM

Yamaha Indonesia has launched the MAXI Yamaha logo with the tagline "Live In The Higher Stage" at the Indonesia Motorcycle Show (IMOS) in November 2016. The high growth in sales of Nmax in Indonesia shows big potential for MAXI Yamaha.

MAXI Yamaha is the label for Yamaha's premium scooters such as the Tmax, Xmax, and Nmax. There is a trend in Indonesia at this time that leads customers to choose premium scooters. With the rapid economic development in Indonesia, consumer desires and needs have changed, especially in the middle class. Levels of success are marked by having a house, car, job or regular fixed income.

Having MAXI YAMAHA products is a sign of success in Indonesia. MAXI YAMAHA also gives pride for the rider because MAXI Yamaha products are masterpieces being the best in its class with excellence of design, features, performance, technology, comfort and handling. The MAXI concept is already popular in Europe and dominates the market there. Tmax and Nmax are already sold in Indonesia. Xmax is also included in MAXI YAMAHA but has not been marketed in Indonesia.

Hyacintha Bonafacia, Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing (YIMM)