Success in 2016 Legal Meeting

October 20~21, 2016|YMC

On October 20 and 21, the 2-day Legal Meeting was held under the sponsorship of YMC Legal & Intellectual Property Division. This was the second year YMC hosted the global legal meeting.

This year, YMC was joined by a total of 9 members from YMUS, YMCIS, YME, and YMA. These locations all have relatively mature regulatory systems, and the participants had in-depth discussions over highly technical legal issues. It was a good opportunity to learn about issues unique to each country. At the same time, the participants said that many legal issues were common around the world – more common than they first expected. A need for the entire Yamaha Group to work together in regulatory matters was reaffirmed.

The meeting received very positive feedback from the participants, saying that the meeting was very valuable. It was also a motivational experience for YMC members for they were able to exchange views with their global colleagues. Meetings such as this are sure to continue in the future.

Haruka Ohnishi, Legal & Intellectual Property Division