10th ASIAN Safety Riding Committee
held in Thailand

October 4 to 7, 2016|YMC

We held the 10th ASIAN Safety Riding Committee in Thailand from October 4 to 7, 2016. This event was aimed at developing skills in safety riding instructors.

Under the management of the riding instructors from YMAC (Thailand), rider training and instruction skills training were conducted on the first two days, instructor qualification updating and instructor promotion were examined on the third day, and challenges in instruction for the next term, by country, were discussed on the last day.

A total of 19 representative test riders (including 1 candidate for promotion) participated, from 10 bases in 6 counties; YMAC, TYM (Thailand), HLYR, HLYM (Malaysia), YMRID, YIMM (Indonesia), YMVN (Vietnam), YMRI, IYM (India) and YMRT (Taiwan). In this examination for promotion, Mr. Arpan Rastogi qualified as a new riding instructor.

The participants are expected to improve the riding instructor skills in each base, as each one will be replicating the training in his own country.

Toru Mikami, PF Model Development Section